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Backyard Permaculture » Bamboo Trellis

Bamboo Trellis

I come from a family that doesn’t like to buy things. My mother knits me sweaters, my sister adjusts clothes that she gets from the thrift store. Another sister and my father repair electronics for a living. I am one of several who like to garden. To quote my mother, “Sometimes it just feels good to make thing with your own hands.”

Sometimes it’s kind of dumb to do so though.

This is one of the kind of dumb times….

Last summer I decided that I wanted to shade my porch from the westerly sun. I decided I needed a trellis. As I collected my things for the garden last spring I checked at several stores for a reasonable option, and I found out that trellises cost anything from $40 to $200. The $40 ones look flimsy and were not tall enough to prop up and cover the opening so I could enjoy a cool porch in the evenings. The $200 were out of my price range.

So I decided to make one. I decided on bamboo because I liked the look, and I found ties. I bought large and small stakes, and lashed them together using a traditional knot that I found on the Fine Gardening website. What resulted did not look as good as theirs. And it took 3 hours of lashing. And the bamboo split, so I’ll need to replace it soon. And it still wasn’t quite as tall as I’d like it. And in all, I saved $30.

That said. It was meditative to tie knots for three hours.

Article http://www.finegardening.com/how-to/articles/build-a-bamboo-trellis.aspx

Bamboo I tried to get the best looking ones without cracks, because the cracks will allow water to sit inside and rot out the wood. (found at Mulhalls) $25

Ties – I used waxy feeling plastic covered wire specifically for plants (Found at Ace hardware) $8

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